The R18 filter canister is a Hungarian-made modern 40mm (NATO) NBC filter issued for military purposes.

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The filters come in a dark-olive coloured cylindrical aluminium alloy canister with black plastic cap sealing tha top and bottom. It is 82mm hight with the cap and plug and 108mm in diameter.

The Gamma Technical Corporation’s R18 NBC filter was designed to meet the relevant criteria specified in the AEP-73 NATO Standard for protection against chemical and biological warfare agents in aerosol, liquid or vapour form. The main elements, the particle filter and the activated carbon have been selected to provide low respiratory resistance and weight while meeting the requirements of the AEP-73 NATO Standard. The body of the filter canister is made from aluminium alloy that provides a very robust product, which is corrosion resistant and extremely durable against shocks and impacts. It is fitted with a standard connection thread according to EN 148-1 and STANAG 4155 requirements and is intended to use with a full face mask. Shelflife is 10 years.

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