The RU-60 and RU-60m were a Soviet industrial and civilian issue half face masks (it is unclear if the mask seen any military use), used in the 70s-80s, that still lives to this day.

Mask overview[edit | edit source]

It consists of a simple head basket strap, that was hooked onto the filter intakes, 2 non-threaded 75mm filter intakes, (that had a 25mm airflow hole) it can only take in RU-60 filters, it has a PMG style outlet valve. The masks body has a very similar material to the GP-4. The mask also features 3 hooks around its outside. These are used to hook a piece of sweat rag, making wearing more comfortable, however, probably damaging the seal. It has many features, that makes possible, that the body of the mask was used with other designs. The mask has many markings, the manufacturing date being inside, size outside, and manufacturer code. The mask uses the PR-7 half mask base. The F-62Sh (Ф-62Ш) uses the same base.

Filters[edit | edit source]

The mask has many different filters but the FGP-310 (ФГП-130) are the most common. These protect against various gasses, including benzene (A), anhydrous sulphuric acid and other sulphuric gasses (V), mercury vapors and organic mercury compounds (G), and ammonia and hydrogen sulphide mixtures (KD). All filters are equipped with a simple particulate filter, that can protect against dusts, mists, fogs and aerosols. The filters have date and manufacturing batch stamps on them. The filter came in pairs, in a plastic bag, that wasn't vacuum sealed. A batch of experimental plastic filters were made, that were implemented into full scale production by Breeze.

Information about the filters
Filter type Filter designation Protection against harmful contaminants Concentration (g/m3) Protrction time (min.)
A (A) RU-60-A (РУ-60-А) Organic gasses, dust 10 35
V (В) RU-60-V or РУ-60-В Acidic gasses, dust 2,0 30
G (Г) RU-60-G or РУ-60-Г Mercury vapors and organic compounds, dust 0,01 1200
KD (КД) RU-60-KD or РУ-60-КД Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia mixtures, dust 2,0 30 against hydrogen sulfide,

20 against ammonia

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