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The Rifugio T.U.O./M.N. 1939 is the 26th gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 6 march 1939.


Some dude wearing the Rifugio T.U.O./M.N.

Mask overview Edit

The mask was designed to be very cheap while still using a removable filter: the face is made of a very thin rubber (which tends to literally melt if stored unproperly), the eye pieces are made of acetylcellulose, the head harness has only three straps, one of which is mobile to make so only one adjustable strap is needed. The face piece is attached to an intake-outtake piece at the front, which sports the standard 40 mm italian thread and houses the exhale valve, the same one as the T.35, only difference being the lid covering it.

Filter Edit

The mask came with a typical orange Pirelli civilian filter, sealed with a lid at the top and a paper disk at the bottom. The filter could be preserved for four years without any problems if kept closed and in a dry place.

Kit Edit


Full kit for the Rifugio T.U.O./M.N.

As many other italian civilian masks, the Rifugio T.U.O./M.N. came in a card box with the filter, the preudo-filter, the cloth bag, the pamphlet and the mask itself.

Export Edit


AG 9

  • AG 9: At some point, probably 1939, Belgium ordered a variant of the Rifugio mask with a 25 mm filter intake. The mask was made by SACIC, a Pirelli owned company.
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