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The S.I.P. 1 is Pirelli's first hooded mask, designed to be easily donned. It was used by industries and civilians.

Mask overviewEdit

The mask is composed of the following parts:

The faceblank, made of thin moulded rubber (either white or black), covers the entirety of the head and has the following parts attached to it:

  • the housing for the exhale valve
  • the metal threaded piece that allows the filter to be screwed in and houses the inlet valve
  • the eyepieces

The inlet valve allows filtered air in from the filter and does not allow exhaled air to go back out from the filter again. Said rubber valve is housed in the metal threaded piece, which can be either 30mm or 40mm.

The exhale valve allows exhaled air to go outside and prevents poisoned air to get in. It's made of rubber, it opens under the light pressure of exhaling and closes hermetically under the negative pressure produced by the inhalation. It can be inspected and possibly replaced by unscrewing the lid of its housing. The exhale valve design varies with each variant of this mask.

The eyepieces are made of cellulose acetate and they are affixed to the mask through aluminium frames.

Early variant Edit

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Late variant Edit

The S.I.P. 1 is the 1st gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 26 May 1934.

Dutch export Edit

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Manuals Edit

Leaflet (Pre-S.C.M.) Edit

S.C.M. manual Edit

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