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The S.I.P. 1 is the 1th gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 26 may 1934.


S.I.P. 1 with its kit

Italian Boys Prepare for War with S.I.P

Italian Boys Prepare for War with S.I.P. 1 gas masks

Short video of italian boys training with S.I.P. 1 gas masks

Mask overview Edit

The S.I.P. 1 is an helmet style mask made with cheap and thin rubber. Its eye pieces are made of acetylcellulose, in the front it has the exhale valve and under it the filter thread.

Filter Edit

The filter was a small cylinder filled with blocking substances. This kind of filter was better than the P.C. 30 filter but worse than the later civilian filters, which would replace this kind of filter in the S.I.P. 1 kit.

Kit Edit

The mask came in a metal tube with its filter, a small box with a spare exhale valve, a stick of anti-fogging soap and an instructional pamphlet.

SIP 2-reference

S.I.P. 2 in a reference book

Variants Edit


S.I.P. 2 with its kit

S.I.P. 2 Edit


S.I.P. 2 in use

This variant used a panoramic visor and straps. Because of the first quality mentioned, this mask was used mainly by children.

S.I.P. 3 with its kit

S.I.P. 3 Edit

The S.I.P. 3 is the 6th gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 31 august 1934. This variant sported a panoramic visor like the S.I.P. 2, but it used the helmet style much like the S.I.P. 1.

Italiensip2 520

S.I.P. 2 with a Spasciani Dirzepo pattern CO filter

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S.I.P. 3 on a reference book


S.I.P. 1 being worn during a drill

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