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The SAB mask was a Pirelli license mask used both by the army and by civilians.

Mask overview Edit


SAB tissot system and filter intake

MASCHERA P43 RM (5)(1356218898)

Navy SAB

The face piece is made of two layers of beige rubber, the outermost being milled to slow aging, it sports a 5 points head-harness and two "unbreakable" glass eye pieces. The filter intake is at the front and faces slightly forward, while the exhale system is made by two exhale valves, one for each cheek, covered by a removable lid. Inside the mask there is a tissot system made of black rubber which helps to prevent fogging.

MASCHERA P43 RM (4)(1356218881)

Navy SAB


Telephonist's SAB kit

Filter Edit

The mask was issued with various filters, depending on the use.


Navy T.35 filter for a navy SAB kit

If issued to navy personnel, the mask would sport a T.35 filter.

Kit Edit

MASCHERA P43 RM (1)(1356218856)

SAB mask with its (supposed) navy kit


(Supposed) civilian SAB kit

The kit the mask was issued with depended on the use. Most SAB masks are found with a T.35 satchel, but it's not known if it is historically accurate. Some SAB masks are found with talephonic gear, but again, it's not known if it is historically accurate.

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