Overview Edit

SR10ST is one of the current issue masks in the Turkish Armed Forces. It's made by Makine Ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKEK). This mask is copied from the British S6 and preceded by SR6M.

History Of The Mask Edit

In the mid-2000s Turkish Armed Forces demanded a more modern mask from MKE due to changes of CBRN warfare and ageing of SR6M. In 2004 MKE came with another copy of British S6 without compromising its traditional profile. After one year the first prototype came out, the new mask passed tests and trials with success and shortly after was issued to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2005.

Technical Specifications Edit

Material: Natural rubber

Dimension: it’s inserted to a place with dimensions of 25x20x15 cm.

Temperature Test (ºC): -30 ± 2 / +50 ± 2

Head Strap: Rubber and six-point head-harness.

Drinking Tube System: It’s only available on the SR10ST type gas mask.

Gas Mask and Canister Carrier / Bag: It is designed to carry 1 gas mask and 2 canisters.

Assembly: It is suitable to be used with any gas mask via a connection screw compliant with TS EN 148-1 standard, quality of their respiration resistance and other features are compliant with the NATO and European Standards.

Visual Field: Double, Vertical, Horizontal ocular visual field angle: Min. %15, %40, %70

Glass and Sound Character: Polycarbonate glass. The mask is provided with a speech diaphragm.

Protection: Designed for use by the military, civil defence, police and emergency personnel in toxic environments.

Weight: 680-800 g

Differences From Previous CopiesEdit

The most distinctive feature of this mask is its drinking tube system with US-style screws and canteen. Another difference in the mask compared to SR6M is the rubber colour (made from natural rubber).

Stock Kit Of SR10STEdit

  • Facepiece
  • 40 MM MKEK made filter
  • Drinking Strap
  • Stock Olive Drab Turkish Made Carrier (made from waterproof fabric)
  • User Manual
  • Canteen


I will post some photos from my personal collection within a week...

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