What this policy coversEdit

This policy covers the use of advertising by users on this wiki. This does not cover the use of google ads or similar advertising providers implemented by Wikia (Fandom), we have no control over these such adverts - you will need to speak to Fandom for assistance in matters relating to those adverts.

Advertising for sales/listingsEdit

The use of this wiki for advertising or sales is not allowed. We are not an auction site. Any posts made by users attempting to sell items will be removed and the user warned. This includes posts made on the user's profile/wall.

Linking to auction sites is not allowed. (Exceptions to this rule are: When linking to an auction site for reference - this is at the discretion of Local Administrators/Content Moderators)

Advertising for other communitiesEdit

We request that users don't advertise other communities/wikis without asking first. Please speak to a Local Administrator first.

Users found to be advertising other communities/wikis without permission will be spoken to. This is not a serious offence, we prefer you to speak to us first.

Sales between usersEdit

We (the wiki, its staff and Wikia/fandom)are not responsible for any sales that take place from user interactions on this site. If two (or more) users reach an agreement to make a trade/sale through this site, the agreement is between them. The wiki will not be held responsible for actions of the users off this site.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact a Local Administrator.

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