The Sh-1 (Russian: шлем/shlem "helmet", number 1 was added retrospectively) is an interwar-era soviet mask taking design points from the Zelinsky Kummant. The GT-3 civilian, DP-1 children gas mask and the facepiece of the KIP-1 were based on this mask.

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Helmet styled rubber mask with two round eyepieces and a "finger horn" which allowed the user to insert a finger inside to wipe the lenses. The color of the facepiece is usually beige or orange but there are black ones as well. The valve system is slightly updated compared to the TT-4 but it still features a flutter exhale valve. The hose is fixed and it has a 40x4mm thread later standardized with a GOST at the end of it.

Filter Edit

The T-5 filter is a flat box canister painted green or greenish beige.

Bag and kit Edit

The Type 1928 bag is unchanged since the TT-4. It is a bit similar to the Mk I Haversack (Small Box Respirator bag). It is made of light brown canvas with two separated sections in it with a carrying strap. The lid can be closed by 2 snap studs.

At first the maks was the part of the TT-4 kit but later it was mainly used for the BN kit.

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