The ShM-41 (Russian: Шлем Маска - "Helmet Mask") was a Soviet mask intended for infantry use and was issued just before the Second World War. Similar designs were used throughout the Warsaw pact. The ShM-1d children gas mask is based on this mask.

Mask overview Edit

The facepiece is helmet styled rubber mask. With two circular eyepieces in metal assemblies and Tissot tubes system which is an older type, not integrated into the mask. The valves' housing is made out of metal which is painted mostly olive green and has a 40mm GOST thread. The mask was made in 3 sizes.

History Edit

The 'Hood Style' dates back to World War I, pioneered as the Zelinsky Kummant gas mask. The mask was chosen instead of the O-11 (similar to the O-8) because the hood layout was easier to use than a normal strap system. Several licensed copies of the mask were used in Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War, including the Hungarian 51M and the Polish SzM-41. An interesting thing to note is the resemblance to the later GP5.

Filter Edit

The filter is a big flat canister connected by a hose to the mask.

Bag and kit Edit

The bag is made of canvas. Inside there are 3 sections and 1 little pocket. The two same-sized parts are for the filter and the mask. There are 2 strips on the inner side of the filter part to fix the hose during use. The little pocket is for the antifog inserts. The big flat part is for the hose. It has 2 straps, one around the shoulder and the other around the waist.

BN T4 kit Edit

  • ShM-1 facepiece
  • T-4 (or A-3, T-5, CR-2, MT-4) filter
  • 1928 type or 39 type bag
  • antifog inserts or soap
  • decontamination kit

MO-2 kit Edit

The last Soviet gas mask kit issued to the army during the Second World War. It contained:

  • ShM-1 (or ShM-41) mask
  • 1939 type or Type A bag (without side pocket)
  • MO-2 filter
  • 55mm hose

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