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The "NBC FILTER CANISTER TYPE 80" (Type 80 or M80 for short) filter canister was developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to provide protection against all known NBC agents in the form of vapours and aerosols. It is supplied as an integral part of all Shalon’s personal respiratory protection systems.[1]

The filter is supplied with a standard Nato thread (40 mm x 1/7”) . The Type 80 filters have a 15 years shelf life.

Typical performance Characteristics[]

  • Weight: 228 g (w/o caps)
  • Diameter: 106 mm Height: 75 mm
  • Air flow resistance: 14 mm water gauge at a flow of 30 lpm
  • Aerosol penetration: <0.01%
  • CK gas life: 100 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 2.4 mg/lt)
  • DMMP gas life: 250 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 3.0 mg/lt)
  • Charcoal: ASC 12x30 complying with Mil-C-13724D Filter medium: Glass fibre HEPA media complying with ASME AG-1 Section FC-1


The Type 80 filters where used on all Israeli masks both civilian and military.

The Type 80 was used on the Shalon Model 4 (Israel) and Model 4A1 (Israel) respirators, licensed copies of the Drager Simplex. The filter was also used in conjunction with a multitude of Salon civilian PAPR systems that where developed for both adult, child and infant use RESPO, INPRO, MULTIPRO, CAHBS & CAPS (Civilian Adult Protective System).

The M80 filter was also used on the M15 and used with the BL-90 PAPR units. The filter was also chosen by Australian military for use with their Avon S10s respirators (ADF10's).

The M80 was replace by the Shalon PA-12 filter for civilian use.