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The Smoke Helmet was an early model respirator issued to soldiers during World War One.

Overview Edit

The Smoke Helmet is a primitive respirator made almost entirely of fabric and cotton. The eye piece is a single rectangular sheet of mica sewn directly onto the fabric material to protect the user's eyes from chlorine gas.

The mask would function by soaking the fabric in glycerin and sodium thiosulphate and would be put over the user's head and tucked into their uniform collar. The chemicals on the helmet would terminate the chlorine gas they inhaled through the fabric.

History Edit

The British Smoke Helmet was invented by Dr. Cluny Macpherson in 1915 to better protect soldiers from Chlorine gas.

Indian infantry in the trenches, prepared against a gas attack (Photo 24-300)

Indian soldiers wearing the Smoke Helmet in World War One.

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