Horse gas mask1
It The KSPM/КСПМ seems to be a WWII/Cold war gas mask designed for cavalry horses.

The kit in the wooden box (Dimensions: 11,81" x 11,81" x 7,87" / 30cm x 30cm x 20cm) includes the two filters respirator with exhale valve and goggles. The

The mask fit over the horse's snout, and was then strapped to the animal's head via a series of belts.

The full name is yet unknown of KSPM/КСПМ the letter K stands for horse конского противогаза, C could stand for many things, P is antigas/Protivogaz/противогаз, M mostly stands for modernized or just for Mask.


Horse gas mask

description states: Antigas KSPM and protective goggles in "Fighting/Military" position.

Horse gas mask 2

"putting on antigas KSPM"

An example for sale

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