The Spasciani Super is an Italian industrial mask used by firefighters and industries.

Mask overview Edit

The faceblank was made of a single piece of moulded natural rubber, to which the following were attached:

  • The intake-outtake piece, which was a circular machined piece of aluminium, had an exhale valve threaded in from the inside part and a small inlet valve with a boomerang shape at the bottom
  • The eyepieces were made of triplex glass and were crimped onto the faceblank. Dedicated metal inserts kept anti-fogging lenses onto the glass
  • The dedicated and replaceable 5-points head harness with a hook system on the lower left strap

The faceblank itself has a peripheral seal to better fit the wearer’s face. The mask sits close to the face to keep internal space the smallest possible.

The size system was inverted compared to the usual Italian one, as size 1 is the smallest and 3 is the largest.

Late variant Edit

“Super” masks produced after a certain date sported more traditional hardware, with T.35-styled eyepieces’ crimps and a dedicated harness that was almost identical the T.35 one, exception made for the hook system.

Kit Edit

The mask could be purchased with:

  • A dedicated haversack
  • A Spasciani corrugated hose
  • One or more Spasciani industrial filters
  • Anti-fogging lenses

CO filters were especially recommended to be used with this mask.

Gallery Edit

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