The Hungarian Személyi vegyimentesítő csomag (personal decontamination kit) was issued to the Néphadsereg (People’s army), Munkásőrség (Worker’s militia), Polgári védelem (for registered members) (Civil Defence) and to other organisations like Határőrség (Border guards) and Rendőrség (Police) during the Cold War. It was in service between 1960s-1990. It was the successor of the Gázsebcsomag (gas wound kit). The civilian version is the ERBVCs.

The box is two pieced rounded-rectangular and made of brown colored polyethylene with an inside frame made of bakelite or metal to keep the substances in place.


  • small plastic flak (can be used against nerve agents, contains Na-cresolate (sodium o-cresolate) 14-16% tincture in 96% alcohol, 40-50ml)
  • big plastic flask (can be used against blister agents, contains zinc chloride 9-11% tincture in 85% alcohol 70ml, inside the flask in the glass vial 14-15g neomagnol (chloramine B))
  • four little glass ampoules (contains 38,5-41,5 V% alcohol, 38,5-41,5 V% chloroform, 18-22 V% ether (diethyl ether) , 100ml contains 1ml 25% NH4OH.
  • needle to pierce open the flasks
  • four gauze swabs
Note that these are only for skin and clothes decontamination, in case of nerve agent poisoning KÉPA would have been used.

The manualEdit

I. If toxic agents on the clothes or on the skin:

1. Absorb the the toxic agent drops from the skin using a swab.

2. Pull out the small flask and pierce it with the needle. Wet the second swab with it and clean the skin. (protect the eyes from the liquid.)

3. Pull out the big flask, break the glass vial and shake it 15-20 times. Pierce the flask with the needle. Clean the skin and the clothes with it like with the small flask.

4. Clean the weapon from toxic agent drops with a swab. Wet the container cloth of the two flasks and clean the weapon. (note: this part is not important because there is a dedicated weapon decontamination kit: FVCs or FVCs-M)

II. In case of nose, throat and chest pain:

Break the top of a smaller glass ampoule and inhale it through the mouth and nose till the pain disappear.

References Edit

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