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The T.32 was an Italian military mask used only for internal testings.

Mask overview Edit

The face piece was made with stamped rubber. It has two "unbreakable" glass eye pieces that sport a metal ring for putting on anti-fogging lenses. The P.C. 30-like exhale valve is in the front and it's covered by a flat removable lid for protection. The filter intake is at the bottom. The inhale valve is a rubber disc just above the filter intake. The mask uses the standard Italian five straps system, four of which are elastic.

History Edit

The development of this mask is veiled in mistery, and not many photos of it exist. The instructional pamphlets issued with the T.32, the Pr.C.33 and the T.35 made by Pirelli share the same 4 photos that explain the proper use of the mask, as the Pr.C.33 is structurally identical and the T.35 is functionally identical.

Instructional pamphlet of the Pr.C.33 Edit

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