The Tautas gāzmaska was the first gas mask intended for the public in Latvia.

Mask overviewEdit

The mask is very similar to the German VM37 and the Finnish M/39. As the grey facepiece is not made of one rubber part but it is cemented together from several smaller parts. It also has a nape strap to allow better size adjustment. The flutter valve on the nose is another main part which resemblances to the VM37. The 40mm DIN threaded intake is made of plastic. It differs from the VM37 on in the eyepieces as this mask sports two crimped on celluloid glasses in metal assemblies making it simpler and possibly cheaper than its German counterpart. The mask came in 3 sizes; "vīriešu" (men - biggest size) marked as V, "sieviešu" (women - medium size) marked as S and "bērnu" (children - smallest size) marked as B.


Cylindrical canister filter.

Carrier and kitEdit

The mask came in a cardboard box with the manual on the inside lid. Interestingly the kit did not contain a bag or any other carrier which could be used for everyday use but the box has a handle. The mask was stuffed with a cardboard frame and with the filter during storing. The kit also contained an anti-fogging soap in a transparent red vial and a register book.

External informationEdit

The masks were made by Valst-Elektrotechniskā Fabrika (Latvian: State-Electrical Factory) in Riga.



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