In the country and countries-issued fields on a mask or filter infobox, you should use this template. The country codes are all ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2, which results in quirks such as the United Kingdom having the code 'gb' (as an aside, this should technically be the UK's top level domain, but we somehow managed to get out of this).

Former countries use their codes, if ever assigned (dd for East Germany, su for Soviet Union, yu for Yugoslavia, and so on). In some cases, for instance, Nazi Germany and Communist Romania, the country codes remain unchanged. In these cases, suffixes have been added for the specific flags (de-n, ro-c)

Adding countries

There's not really too much to this. You should upload a copy of the flag (Wikipedia is a good place to look for these), named Flag-(code).png. Make sure that this is a reasonable size (at least 300px wide). Make sure you add the country to the examples below, and to the switch above.

Make sure that any copyright information is properly remarked on the uploaded image. It's worth noting that in many cases, the law of the country concerned puts the image in the public domain.


{{Country|al}} Flag-al Albania

{{Country|ar}} Flag-ar Argentina

{{Country|au}} Flag-au Australia

{{Country|at}} Flag-at Austria

{{Country|be}} Flag-be Belgium

{{Country|bg}} Flag-bg Bulgaria

{{Country|ca}} Flag-ca Canada

{{Country|cn}} Flag-cn China

{{Country|hr}} Flag-hr Croatia

{{Country|cz}} Flag-cz Czech Republic

{{Country|dk}} Flag-dk Denmark

{{Country|eg}} Flag-eg Egypt

{{Country|ee}} Flag-ee Estonia

{{Country|fi}} Flag-fi Finland

{{Country|fr}} Flag-fr France

{{Country|de}} Flag-de Germany

{{Country|gr}} Flag-gr Greece

{{Country|hu}} Flag-hu Hungary

{{Country|il}} Flag-il Israel

{{Country|it}} Flag-it Italy

{{Country|ja}} Flag-ja Japan

{{Country|kz}} Flag-kz Kazakhstan

{{Country|lv}} Flag-lv Latvia

{{Country|lt}} Flag-lt Lithuania

{{Country|nl}} Flag-nl Netherlands

{{Country|kp}} Flag-kp North Korea

{{Country|no}} Flag-no Norway

{{Country|pl}} Flag-pl Poland

{{Country|pt}} Flag-pt Portugal

{{Country|tw}} Flag-tw Republic of China

{{Country|ro}} Flag-ro Romania

{{Country|ru}} Flag-ru Russia

{{Country|rs}} Flag-rs Serbia

{{Country|kr}} Flag-kr South Korea

{{Country|es}} Flag-es Spain

{{Country|sk}} Flag-sk Slovakia

{{Country|si}} Flag-si Slovenia

{{Country|se}} Flag-se Sweden

{{Country|sy}} Flag-sy Syria

{{Country|ch}} Flag-ch Switzerland

{{Country|tr}} Flag-tr Turkey

{{Country|ua}} Flag-ua Ukraine

{{Country|gb}} Flag-gb United Kingdom

{{Country|us}} Flag-us United States

{{Country|vn}} Flag-vn Vietnam


{{Country|ah-ah}} Flag-ah-ah Austria-Hungary

{{Country|cs}} Flag-cs Czechoslovakia

{{Country|dd}} Flag-dd East Germany

{{Country|de-kr}} Flag-de-kr German Empire

{{Country|yu-k}} Flag-yu-k Kingdom of Yugoslavia

{{Country|de-n}} Flag-de-n Nazi Germany

{{Country|su}} Flag-su Soviet Union

{{Country|yu}} Flag-yu Yugoslavia

Sequence Test

Flag-no Norway

Flag-dk Denmark
Flag-ro-c {{{3}}}
Flag-nl Netherlands

a Flag-no Norway aFlag-dk Denmark aFlag-ro-c {{{3}}} aFlag-nl Netherlands

Text replacement test

Flag-no not norway

Flag-ca not canada

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