• Hey there Evelyn! I figured I should ask you about something that's been troubling me with my brand new Gas Mask. It's a M65 Drager, however it's accompanied by a [ MS-4-172 / 92 P2 F ] Filter. It's definitely GOST, It's probably adjustable to the M65, however. Do you think it'd be safe to use?

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    IMG 20180509 230122
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    • I don't know for sure, but my personal preference is to avoid the use of bloc-manufactured GOST filters. Enough of the filters are known to contain asbestos, and they weren't exactly known for their safety record.

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    • I messaged the guy on Ebay that I bought 'em from. He said they are functional and asbestos free. I guess it'd be wise not to risk.

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