• Hello There everyone,

    Problem #1 dont know that i should clean my old gas mask i post in GP-5 article or not, it look so old, that i doesnt know cleaning it in anti-bacteria liquid soup is ok or not

    Problem #2 Gas mask i wish to buy, i cannot find a place where i can buy, instead of bid, where i can find S10 and M17 with reasonable price and not bid, modern gas mask for me is hard to find in my country (i live in Thailand) i cant really find those for cheap price and place to buy is nowhere

    Thank you

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      • I've used dish soap and warm water with my helmet masks with no issues, so I'd suppose it'd probably be fine
      • I can't really offer any pointers in terms of acquiring masks. It can be something of a pain to get hold of foreign masks in my country, and I've got the benefit of being in the western hemisphere
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    • thanks for the tip, can you tell me where can you buy your S10? i want to wearing that with my British Army field jacket

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