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The Typ II (Bulgarian Тип - Type) is a Bulgarian gas mask made for the military. It is a licensed industrial Gasmaske 200 called Modell 109.

Mask overviewEdit

The facepiece is made of rubber coated grey canvas. The metal intake valve is on the front and the metal exhale is on the left side.The only difference compared to the Gasmaske 200 are the screwed on eyepieces. The 5 point harness contains springs to give flexibility. There is two additional straps, one goes around the neck to provide better seal and a carrying strap.


German made (Dräger) filter.


The bag of this type is almost identical to those of Dräger only the tabs and buttons are different. It has one big compartment for the mask and the filter and on the outside there is a smaller pocket for accessories like anti-fogging soap.

External informationEdit

The mask originally was intended for industrial use so it is rather strange that the Bulgarian army choosed this mask. It is probably because the industrial masks (licenses) were cheaper. The Typ II is only differs from the Typ I on the intake valve. The Typ II was made in Bulgaria and was actually already production when the Typ I came in.

The masks were made by Държавна Военна Фабрика (D.V.F. - State Military Factory).

The CIA has documentation that suggests that the Typ I-IV masks were used into the 1950's to supplement the supply of the Shlem Maska's.



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