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Army gas mask model 91, 2591st anniversary from when the first Japanese emperor took the throne.

Overview Edit

The facepiece is of stockinette covered heavy rubber, the eyepieces are set in about 6cm metal frames. The inlet-outlet system consists of a Y-shaped Tissot tube and a rubber disk valve seated in a housing extending from the rear of the angletube and protected by a screw-on perforated metal cap.

The head harness consists of a stockinette covered rubber pad carrying six elastic webbing straps. The upper four have sliding buckles for adjusting while the lower two are equipped with quick-release buckles.

The 30cm long hose is of brown crepe rubber wired to the angletube and attached to the canister with a wing nut clamp.

To remove the eyepieces on this mask, the user had to use a special tool for removal.

History Edit

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