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Army gas mask "model 95", introduces in 1935, 2595th anniversary from when the first Japanese emperor took the throne.

Overview Edit

It has a khaki stockinette covered facepiece with molded Tissot tube and circular eyepieces with removable threaded rims. The khaki-colored canister is approximately15cm high, 13cm wide and 7cm thick. The carrier is a rectangular canvas bag. A rubberized hood is sometimes attached to this mask to protect head and shoulders. I have one of these specimens. It is marked Showa13 (1938) with a 6 points harness. This mask is the evolution of the type 91. The main differences with its predecessor was the design of a new facepiece, making it more comfortable for the user; new threaded eyepieces, for quick repair; and a hinge exhale valve`s cover to avoid freeze of the condensation as this could block the airway.

History Edit

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