Country of origin

United States of America (U.S.A)

Year(s) of issue


Issued to

Civil Defense (U.S. Navy)

The Navy/Civil NC-1 Gas Mask was manufactured and issued around 1941. The mask was issued to civilians working in US Navy facilities, such as shipyards.

The mask was manufactured by Mine Safety Appliances, strikingly similar to the Comfo Hood. The NC-1 used two bilateral filter disks, identical to the ones used on the M6-12-8 Dog Gas Mask and the MSA Comfo Hood. A rubber flapper type exhale valve protrudes downward from the front of the mask, as well as a single plastic visor that extended across the entire facepiece. Near the point where the flapper valve is, a United States Navy symbol from WWII (an anchor) is found in red ink. Another stamp is found on the forehead of the mask's facepiece in yellow ink, but it is unknown what it was meant to signify.

The mask was also issued with a leather (?) haversack, with several yellow stamps over the cover. The haversack featured two black buttons that would be pressed into the base of the bag to provide a seal. A single brown strap is found on the haversack as well, most likely not providing a great amount of control over where the bag is placed. 

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