Comrade Cheeseninja

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male

Me in my Mk4 NBC Suit, w/ m40 mask and US Issue Chemical Gloves

About MeEdit

I am a teenager from the US. I have been collecting for about a year now. Other than gas masks, I am intrested in Firearms, Computer Hardware/Software, Paintball, Gaming, and The Soviet Union. You can contact me through steam

My Gas Mask Collection; Ordered By Date Received Edit

  • (West German) M65z
  • (Soviet) ShM-62u (GP5)
  • (US) M40a1
  • (Soviet) PMG
    34875741 601038103585128 3440608634793361408 n

    My Collection So Far~ MK4 NBC Suit, PMG-1, SHM-62u (gp-5), TF-1, GP-7, NVA Emergency NBC Suit, MCU-2P, M40a1, M56 Stalhelm, US NBC Gloves, M65, M17, 4a1, US Issue Kevlar Helmet, M52 Steel Helmet, 4x Type 80 Filters, 2x GP5 filters, 1x FP-5 Filter

  • (Czechoslovakia) M10m
  • (Israel) 4a1
  • (US) M17
  • (Soviet) GP-7
  • (Chinese) TF-1
  • (US) MCU-2A/P
  • (Yugoslavian) MC-1

Not Quite Gas Masks (In Order By Date Recived)Edit

  • M65 Stalhelm
  • Mosin Nagant M91/30 (1943), with bayonet, ammo pouches, cleaning tools, and stripper clips.
  • M52 Helmet
  • NVA Chemical Poncho
  • US Issue ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet)
  • OH 11-1A Individual Guide for NBC Defense
  • TM 3-216 Technical Aspects Of Biological Defense
  • US Army BDUs w/ 101st patch (Given to me by my father who was in the US Army)
  • US Army Combat Boots, Winter Boots, and Jump Boots\
  • ext.

My favorite pagesEdit

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