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  • I am male

I'm one of the moderators of this wiki. Ask anything (gas mask and related to this wiki) and I will try to answer it. I mostly collect Hungarian gasmasks and other NBC related gear. My collection:

  • 93M (complete kit)
  • 93M (unopened full kit)
  • 70M (complete kit)
  • lefthaded 70M (left handed PMG)
  • 75M (complete kit)
  • 67M (complete kit)
  • 60M (complete kit)
  • 51M (full kit but the mask is in bad condition)
  • 34M (early WWII mask with 42M canister)
  • 34M (later WWII mask with bag)
  • 33M (full kit)
  • Ipari álarc (later model with 34M type eyepieces)
  • Ipari gázálarc (post-War industrial 34M)
  • Népgázálarc (almost complete kit)
  • Gumi munkagázálarc (full kit)
  • Ipari teljes álarc (only the mask)
  • Ipari félálarc (only the mask)
  • Menekülő kámzsa (3rd gen, unopened kit)
  • Biomaszk (Civil Defence kit)
  • SM-41 (ShMP)
  • SR (Hungarian issued ShR-2)
  • Könnyű gázvédő ruha - chemical suit (one green and one camoflaged shirt)
  • 60M ÖFNI - chemical suit
  • 67M ÖFNI - chemical suit
  • 75M ÖFNI - chemical suit (x3)
  • 93M chemical suit
  • Original Hungarian Cold War and Second World War era books about CBRN warfare and gas masks.
  • Decon kits: SzVCs, FVCs-M, Gázsebcsomag, Gázseb-csomag, ERBVCs, etc.
  • Chemical and radiation detectors: 66M VFK, IH-5M, IH-63, Hungarian DKP-50, etc.

Gallery of some pieces of my collection

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