aka Izaak

  • I live in Hajnowka, Poland. (Where I was born, at least)
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Collecting gas masks. Being an Operator.
  • I am Male

What I wore for Halloween. An M40A2 w/ the quick doff hood, alongside an US M65 Field Jacket. Had a bit of fun.

About Me. Edit

I'm 21 years old, I was born in Poland, but I was moved to the US. I do not speak Polish, unfortunately.

Though, my English kinda sucks. (Due to growing up around family members with the inability to speak proper English.)

I like gas masks because of their design, and their purpose. Not to mention they look badass, such as the S10/FM12. (Probably because of the British Military and SAS who fields it. And the Umbrella Security Soldiers from Resident Evil 2.)

My cousin was issued an M17A2 gas mask back in the Gulf War. Which I tried getting my hands on, but I couldn't find one at my local military surplus store. So I decided to get the Czech M10M, since it was the closest I could get.

Gas Masks I own, in order of purchase: Edit

  • Czechoslovakian M10M (1984)
  • Soviet PBF (1974)
  • Soviet ShMS (1987)
  • Avon FM12 (2000)
  • Polish MP4B (1990)
  • US M17A1 (1982)
  • Yugoslavian M2 (1986)
  • US XM28E4 "Grasshopper" (1969)
  • US M17A2 (1984)
  • US ABC-M17 (1963)
  • Polish MP-4 (Grey) (1985)
  • Canadian C3 (1989)
  • Canadian C4 (1990)
  • South Korean K1 (1989)
  • US M40A2 (2004)
  • Chinese MF-22/FMJ08 (Unknown)
  • Polish MP-4 (Olive Tan-ish) (1977)
  • Yugoslavian M2F (1998)
  • Yugoslavian MC-1 (1980)
  • Bulgarian PDE-1 (1998)
  • Soviet PMG (Left handed) (1980)
  • US M9A1 (Right handed) (1951)
  • US M17A2 w/Microphone (1985)
  • US MCU-2/P (Scott Aviation model) (1989)
  • Scott M110 (2008)
  • US M45 (Campbell Plastics model) (1999)

Potential mask(s) I want to get next: Edit

  • Czechoslovakian M10
  • British SR6
  • Polish MP5
  • Scott M95
  • Israeli M15
  • West German M65
  • South Korean S3
  • Soviet PMG (Right handed)
  • US M9A1 (Left handed)

Accessories I Own: Edit

    • US M6A2
  • US M13 Decon Kit
  • Green Laser Protection Outserts (FOR M17 MASK SERIES)
  • South Korean K1 NBC Hood
  • US M40/M42 First Gen Second Skin Hood (Damaged)
  • Third Gen Second Skin (CAME WITH M40A2) (2004)
  • Yugoslav MC-1 Civil Protection Kit
  • US M3 (SP) T.A.P. Hood (FOR M40/M42 MASK SERIES)
  • US Quick Doff Hood
  • US M40/M42 Second Skin Hood (INTACT)
  • US M7 VPU
  • US M42 Filter Carrier
  • US M42A2 Filter Carrier
  • US M50/M51 Combat Vehicle Chemical Hood
  • US M45 Second Skin (2000)

Protective Clothing I Own Edit

  • British Mk IV Six Colour Desert Camo "Chocolate Chip" patterned NBC suit (1990)
  • US M81 Woodland patterned MOPP suit (1984)
  • M2 T.A.P. Apron (Unknown)
  • US Chemical Gloves (1987)
  • British Mk III suit (US Navy issue) (1988)

Not Related to Masks At All Edit

  • PASGT Kevlar Helmet (1999)
  • OD M65 Field Jacket

Currently on the way: Edit

  • N/A

Masks I'll probably never own: Edit

  • German M2000
  • Swiss SM-90
  • SM-03
  • Avon FM53

And no, my collection is NOT for sale, or up for trade at this time.

Some stuff with my masks. Edit

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