Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you are all likely aware, we've been discussing the safety of the General Purpose (GP-5)'s filters and whether or not they contain asbestos or other such dangerous materials.

Unfortunately, we're not much closer to getting a definitive answer for this burning question.

If anyone has any proper evidence, including paper work to back up the claims, either way (that the filters are relatively safe or contain asbestos), it would be much appreciated.

And people, please don't post stuff like "my friend who works in an asbestos lab looked at the filters and said this...", it's not proof one way or the other and without any sort of proper paper work, it's as good as telling me that you're secretly related to the pope. Without any proper evidence, we can't silence the critics and provide an answer to this potentially, life threatening question.

So i'm not asking for money here (but if you really want to give me money, I won't argue! -  Only Joking!), but one way or another we'll need to get a whole batch of these filters tested to get a proper result and get this over and done with. I'm sick of typing out "We currently have evidence to suggest that these filters may contain asbestos and so should not be used for recreational purposes etc..." and i'm sure you're tired of reading me saying that.

Thanks for having a read

Happy collecting out there!

EditorUK (talk)

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