Ladies and Gentlemen, the hallowed 'een approaches quickly. And now's a great time of year for all of you Collectors out there to dust of those old Gas Masks and Really get into the Spirit!

Certainly, I shall too be getting into the Spirit with My Russian PBF and an appropriately bloodied up white shirt^ to add to the fun of Halloween, even if it's not such a huge event as it is over in the states. It's still an excuse for me to wear a shirt I ruined and Wear a Gas Mask and not be called a nutjob.

^It's fake blood. So don't worry, I wash my shirts if I get blood on 'em

Also, if you're doing something special for Halloween, to do with Gas Masks, please do feel free to post it on here.

If your halloween plans don't have anything to do with Gas Masks but you'd still like to tell us about it, I'm allowing this one exception. Please don't abuse it.

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