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    NOT COMPLETE! I write this post to give that information to people which I think don’t fit in the articles of individual masks but can be interesting to someone. This is not a too serious post but contains useful pieces of information and nearly all masks used in Hungary before 2000.

    • 1915: The first Hungarian masks were wet hoods. These were steeped with HaOH, NH4NO3 and used with a “lot” success against the phosgene attacks on the Italian front. Very rare mostly because these are canvas bags with glasses.
    • 1916: 1917M mask issued. Only masks with K. u. K. stamp can be 1917M otherwise it is an GM-15. Very rare.
    • 1917: GM-17 issued as 1917K, rare.
    • 1927: Probably Auer 747/G masks used in the industry. Rare.
    • 1928: 27M repaired 1917M masks with the sa…
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