Good Afternoon,

Today I have gone through several pages fixing the tags. I have decided to give some information for people when tagging an article to make navigation more simplistic for this wiki. A list of tags you should include with a page:

-The country of origin, some of the pre-existing country tags include:

  • British Gas Masks
  • British Respirators
  • Czech Gas Masks
  • Russian Gas Masks
  • German Gas Masks
  • ETC.
If the country is not a pre-existing tag feel free to create a page for it.

-The aproximate time of service, when the mask was used:

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • The Cold War
  • Vietnam War
  • The Gulf War
  • The War on Terror
  • The War of Matt's Anus
  • ETC.

-The type of mask:

  • Helmet Style Mask: It goes over the entire head.
  • Full Face Mask: It covers only the face, but covers it entirely.
  • Half Face Mask: It covers only part of the face.

For some nooblets out there, to tag a page you type the tags into the categories section on the right of the workspace.

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