If anyone wants to know, I'm busy collecting as many of the GP-5 filters as I can, with dates and manufacturing stamps from different years and areas. When I get a large enough sample size, I will disassemble the portions that are supposed to contain asbestos, and get definitive information on which types and years are hazardous.

I have already opened one with M-1-83-11Э stamped on it. Removing a small piece with tweezers, I found that the lower cotton layer does burn, but leaves a fibrous ash that *could* be asbestos. Or it could just as easily be glass fibers. Video to come later.

It really can't be determined without official paperwork, which through my own investigation into this, has been lacking. This argument pops up everywhere the filters are discussed, and it would be nice to lend actual proof to these claims of asbestos or no asbestos. Labs allegedly have already tested the filters, but if so, where is the paperwork/official documentation?

I personally hope that there is no asbestos, but from my own personal tests I have come to the conclusion that they probably contain either asbestos, glass fiber, or a mix of both.

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