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Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki

SubarrowEvelyn SubarrowEvelyn 25 April 2017

Introduction to respirators

This is supposed to be a general overview of the subject of respirators, aimed at collectors, airsoft players, and preppers.

  • 1 What's a respirator?
  • 2 A brief history
    • 2.1 First World War
      • 2.1.1 Gallery

A respirator is a device worn on the face to filter out hazardous gases or particles, or to provide unfiltered supplied air (usually through rebreathing, or compressed air)

Gas masks were first developed during the First World War, as a response to the use of crude chemical weapons. At first, these masks were quite basic, often consisting of pads over the mouth and nose and fabric hoods, but later development produced respirators more resembling modern masks. The Germans pioneered the use of corrective inserts for soldiers who needed glasses.

Various che…

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SubarrowEvelyn SubarrowEvelyn 29 March 2017

Article construction

This is intended as a long-needed update to User:Rectalwrecker's "Proper Article Construction" blog post. This wiki has progressed significantly since 2014, and practices have changed since the post was first written.

As before, this is intended as a guide to people creating or contributing to articles.

  • 1 Infobox
    • 1.1 Visual editor
    • 1.2 Wikitext
  • 2 Categories
  • 3 Edit summaries
  • 4 Advice beyond articles
  • 5 Feedback

A mask or filter article should have a Template:Mask or Template:Filter infobox at the top (under any notices also applied to the article). If a field doesn't apply, leave it out (for example, cheek filter masks don't have threads)

You can insert these with the visual editor by clicking on "insert", "template" on the dropdown menu, and then selecting "…

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SubarrowEvelyn SubarrowEvelyn 20 October 2016


I've decided to put together a short collection of links to CBRN resources and manuals, mostly pertaining to US CBRN defence (and mostly PDF format)

If any of these links go dead, please ask me. I have copies of some of the documents!

  • 1 United States
    • 1.1 DoD Chemical and Biological Defense program, congress reports
    • 1.2 Mask manuals (Vehicle masks, excluding M42)
    • 1.3 Mask manuals (other)
    • 1.4 Manual source
    • 1.5 Other
  • 2 Russia
  • 3 Serbia
  • 4 Poland

  • 2000 (no stock information)
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008 (Significantly shorter, no stock information)
  • 2009 (Significantly shorter, fielded rather than stock)
  • 2010
  • 2012 (Extremely short, possibly fielded rather than stock)
  • 2013 (Significantly shorter, possibly fielded rather than stock)
  • 2014

Note that some equipment is referr…

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SubarrowEvelyn SubarrowEvelyn 28 August 2015

Categorising articles

If you're adding a new page to the wiki, please be sure to add the correct categories. Please also check that a relevant category doesn't already exist before you create a new one.

  • 1 Country
    • 1.1 Examples
    • 1.2 Bad examples
    • 1.3 Yugoslavia
  • 2 Purpose
    • 2.1 Examples
  • 3 Form
    • 3.1 Examples
  • 4 Era
    • 4.1 Examples
  • 5 Filter thread
    • 5.1 Examples

The country of origin should be referenced. This should be the full name of the country, in English, avoiding unnecessary political references or abbreviations.

  • Russia
  • Soviet Union
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

  • 日本 (non-English)
  • Republic of Moldova (political reference)
  • Nazi Germany (political reference)
  • DPRK (abbreviation, political reference)

  • SFR Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia)
  • FR Yugoslavia (Serbia)
  • State union of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbia)

The general purpose of …

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