I've decided to put together a short collection of links to CBRN resources and manuals, mostly pertaining to US CBRN defence (and mostly PDF format)

If any of these links go dead, please ask me. I have copies of some of the documents!

United States

DoD Chemical and Biological Defense program, congress reports

  • 2000 (no stock information)
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008 (Significantly shorter, no stock information)
  • 2009 (Significantly shorter, fielded rather than stock)
  • 2010
  • 2012 (Extremely short, possibly fielded rather than stock)
  • 2013 (Significantly shorter, possibly fielded rather than stock)
  • 2014

Note that some equipment is referred to differently than on this wiki (for instance, the M50 is generally referred to as the Joint Service General Purpose Mask, or JSGPM)

Mask manuals (Vehicle masks, excluding M42)

Manual Mask Target Year
TM 3-4240-280-10 M24, M25A1 Operator 1988
TM 3-4240-280-20&P M24, M25A1 Unit maintenance 1988
TM 3-4240-312-12&P M43 Operator and unit maintenance 1988
TM 34240-334-10 M43A1 Operator 1992
TM 3-4240-334-20&P M43A1 Unit maintenance 1992
TM 3-4240-342-10 M48 Operator 1996
TM 3-4240-342-20&P M48 Unit maintenance 1997
TM 3-4240-344-10 M49 Operator 1996
TM 3-4240-344-20&P M49 Unit maintenance 1997
TM 3-4240-341-10 M45 Operator 1998
TM 3-4240-341-20&P M45 Unit maintenance 1999
TM 3-4240-348-10 M45 Operator 2000

Mask manuals (other)

Manual Mask Target Year
TM 3-4240-339-10 M40, M40A1 Operator 1988
TM 3-4240-340-10 M42A1 Operator 1994
*TM 3-4240-346-10, TM 09204A/09205A-10/1 M40A1, M42A2 Operator 1998
TM 3-4240-343-20&P,TM 09205A-20&P/2 M42, M42A1, M42A2 Unit maintenance 1996
*TM 3-4240-346-20&P, TM 09204A/09205A-20&P/2 M40A1, M42A2 Unit maintenance 1998
TM 3-4240-300-10-2 M42, M40A1? Unit maintenance 1988
TM 3-4240-343-20 M42, M42A1, M42A2 Unit maintenance 1996
TM 3-4240-279-10 M17, M17A1, M17A2 Operator 1987
TM 3-4240-279-20&P M17, M17A1, M17A2 Unit maintenance manual 1987

Manual source

These manuals were all found on the recently defunct Chemical Dragon website. They were archived by, and a list of the documents is available here. Many of the manuals pertain to CBRN defence, but there's also some small-arms manuals, and a few others too.



PMK-3 manual (in Russian)


Technical paper on M3's effectiveness against radioactive particulates (in English)


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