The VM-44 is a Second World War Civil Defense gas mask issued to Civilians during Nazi Germany.

Mask overview Edit

The VM-44's face-piece made from simple canvas originally given a thin coating of rubber(the inside of which being the most coated) to provide a tight seal to the user. Unlike it's predecessor the Volksgasmaske40, the VM-44 uses a proper exhale valve covered with a thin metal protection grate though the intake valve remains the same being held on with metal. The eye-pieces on the VM-44 are also made from cellulose as the older models, the only exception being the fact they have been cut down to reduce costs.

The harness on the VM-44 is completely unique to the VM-44 face-piece. The harness consists of five piece head harness, the upper straps directly attached to the face-piece and held together with a thin rubber connection piece that would rest on the back of the user's skull. The bottom two straps were not attached to the face-piece by default and would be hooked similar to other Nazi masks at the time. This was to make it easier to transport the VM-44 within it's wooden box.

History Edit

The VM-44 was created to reduce costs for civilian respirators for Nazi Germany, as the VM-40 used prior was expensive and used more rubber than that was required so they reverted to canvas rubber designs first introduced in World War One. Despite this, when new the VM-44 worked fine.

The mask went through several production changes just as the VM-40 did, it was originally issued in a wooden box with a string to wear at all times encase of an enemy bombing/gas attack. The kit itself included a face-piece and filtration canister, with a manual tucked on top with a plastic sleeve. Later on in the war, they began to only coat the inside of the VM-44 face-piece instead of the entire mask to reduce costs. By the end of the War, they began just making VM-44's in any factory they could which made VM-44 with GM-30 components.

Filter Edit

The VM-44 was issued it's own unique filter similar to the Volksgasmaske filters except instead of a silver color the filter has a dark brown color. The production stamps are also located in slightly different locations on the filter compared to those issues with previous versions. It was sometimes issued with the older VM-37 and VM-40 gas mask filters.

Gallery Edit

VM-44 Crate

VM-44 in original issue canister, this specific box was made to contain a size 2 face-piece.

VM-44 crate open

VM-44 face-piece and filtration canister tucked within wooden box crate.

VM-44 manual tucked inside box

VM-44 instruction booklet within plastic sleeve tucked inside the standard issue wooden box.

VM-44 instructions

VM-44 instruction booklet, page 2-3 informing civilians on how to check, dawn and test the respirator.

Vm-44 face-piece

Vm-44 face-piece without filter canister.

Vm-44 with filter

VM-44 attached to a VM-40 filter canister.

Inside VM-44 face-piece

Inside VM-44 face-piece.

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