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The XM30 mask was an prototype gas mask to try and replace the M17 mask and later in the 1980s became the MCU-2/P mask used by the United States Air Force and Navy. The mask was developed by the United States Army and was made by the ILC dover company and was made alongside the XM29 project in the 1970s.

The mask was made from silicone and had a polyurethane soft lens unlike the M17 which was made from butyl rubber and had polycarbonate lens. This mask had a 40mm STANAG thread and the filter was designed and made in Canada and probably later became the C2 canister. The mask also had a front and new at the time side voice emitter which could be changed to fit a filter on the right side if so chosen by using a special tool. It also had a drinking tube and could easily use the standard type-M drinking connector.

The problems with the mask was that the lens could easily be marred and make the mask susceptible to leaks and damage to the mask.These masks failed the U.S. Army tests for this reason and was later used by the Air Force and Navy for use as the MCU-2/P until 2008 - 2010.

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