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This respirator was a Yugoslav industrial mask of unknown designation, probably made in the late '50s to '60s.

Mask overview Edit

The exhale valve assembly is rather simple, basically only having 2 parts- the exhale valve itself (frame is molded as a part of the faceblank), and the exhale valve cover, just sitting loosely (which is why it's sometimes missing on found examples). It features tissot tubes that run from the intake to the eyepieces. The intake is around 42 mm and doesn't have an intake valve, as the valve is in the filter. It has a 6 point strap system with the buckles molded in the faceblank, and 2 neck carrier straps just above the chin. The only visible designation on this example is a number two inside the mask.

Variants and kit Edit

There are 2 known versions: one in black color and one in dark green and a couple of different colored filters, probably against different chemicals. The example in the photo is dated 1963. The mask and the filter came in a dedicated vertical bag.
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