Gas Mask Edit

The Zelinsky Kummant gas mask, wrongly referred to the GP-1 (since it was the first Russian gas mask), was a WW1 gas mask made out of rubber. In fact, it was the first rubber gas mask made. It had a green rectangular filter stitched to the mask and its infamous long nose.

History Edit

In 1915, the need for a gas mask arose. A chemist, Nikolay Zelinsky was tasked with creating a gas mask for the Imperial Russian army immediately. Early models of the filter had natrium lime put in to absorb the gas and let oxygen flow through. However, in 1916, Nikolay noticed how activated charcoal was used to filter liquors and implemented this idea into the gas mask. Later models had active charcoal in the filter

Legacy Edit

This gas mask introduced many modern ideas into its design that are still used today, such as activated charcoal filters and being manufactured out of rubber.

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